Hatching Chicken Eggs: Incubator Vs. Hen. Who Will Win??

We’ve got a broody hen! And Blue’s got eggs in the incubator. THE RACE IS ON! Tune in to see which one will win, in which we finally answer once and for all, the greatest question known to mankind… which comes first, the chicken (Mrs. Broody) or the egg (incubator)??? Don’t miss this one. It is very funny.

Gardening with DUCKS!

It’s FINALLY time to PLANT! I didn’t get to garden last year because we were moving and I couldn’t wait to get my fingers back in the DIRT. My best duck buddy, Peepers, and his duck sidekick, Blondie, helped me with the weeding. Here’s a little shortie with fun music to celebrate planting season!

Hugelkultur (Natural Permaculture) Gardening for ZERO DOLLARS!

We are so excited to get our first garden going on the new homestead. This year we are trying Hugelkultur Gardening in raised garden beds. Our goal is to fill up all our beds for $0! Can we do it? We demonstrate the Hugelkultur Gardening method and of course add in some awesome music, lots of fun, and even a garden dance!

How to Make the Best Salad in the World in Four Easy Steps!

Step into the off-grid homestead kitchen as Blue shows us how to make the best salad in the world in four easy steps! Tune in for lots of tasty organic garden yumminess, a secret ingredient, and a little samba music too. It’s Blue and Craig approved!

Spend a Weekend at Our Off Grid Homestead

Join us for a weekend at or off grid property. Take a tour of our cabin, go on a glorious hike, geek out in our organic garden, learn how to make the best salad in the world, and witness the most epic tomato harvest ever. Enjoy some fantastic tunes along the way. Watch it; you’ll like it!

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Tomato medley (beefsteak, watermelon tomatoes & pear tomatoes), parsley, sage & arugula, all fresh picked from the garden, over organic bacon turkey burgers with balsamic vinegar. Found a perfectly color matching leaf to enjoy as table decoration. Life is so grand!

Chantarelles and Organic Ribeye

Charcoal grilled grass fed organic beef ribeye steak; chanterelles we foraged on our hike today, sautéed in garlic and coconut oil; fresh parsley and sage just picked from the garden; in a whole wheat tortilla. We added shredded Gouda, fresh Parmesan, and sour cream. What a life!!