Burn It Down! Clearing Land with Controlled Burns

We’re gettin’ all fired up in this video! Celebrate with Blue and Craig as they burn the very last pile of wood in the field behind their cabin – the grand finale of their three year project to clear the tree landing zone on their property. Blue talks about land clearing using controlled burns and we interview Craig, the grand burnmaster himself. Watch to the end for a sneak peek reveal of our exciting new future plans for the off grid homestead.

Off Grid in November

Each month brings something new at our off grid homestead. November is all about relaxing around a campfire, cooking up some yummy venison chili, high speed shipping container cleanup, deer season groundhog day, and steaming hot baths in the kitchen. You’re invited to a little off grid homestead time with Blue and Craig this November.

Off Grid Water: Rain Collection & Berkey Filters

Everybody’s gotta have water! Off grid homesteaders can’t just turn on the tap like regular city folk. So whaddya supposed to do? Blue & Craig talk about water solutions for their off grid homestead using rainwater collection systems and Berkey Filters for drinking water. Bottoms up!

Rainy Day at the Cabin

What do you do on rainy days in an off grid cabin? Take a vacation day, of course! Chillax with Blue & Craig at their off grid homestead for a little rainy day downtime accompanied by the soothing sound of rain on their tin cabin roof and a little jazz too…

Off Grid Homestead & Cabin Tour

Blue & Craig give a tour of their off grid homestead and cabin and share how things work down on the ol’ homestead – including solar power, water collection, organic gardening, future plans, and more. Lots of toe tappin’ tunes along the way. Please subscribe for more off grid homestead adventures with Blue & Craig!

How to Make the Best Salad in the World in Four Easy Steps!

Step into the off-grid homestead kitchen as Blue shows us how to make the best salad in the world in four easy steps! Tune in for lots of tasty organic garden yumminess, a secret ingredient, and a little samba music too. It’s Blue and Craig approved!

Did Somebody Say Hunting? Getting Ready for Deer Season

Blue and Craig get ready for deer season 2020! Join us for some speed trail cutting, fox den discovery, and shoot some guns! Blue goes wabbit hunting (and gets one) and talks about the hunting life. As always there are some laughs, and loads of great tunes to get your toes tappin’ along the way. Come along for more off grid homestead adventures at the Hermitage!

Good Night from the Hermitage

Work is done at the homestead for the day. Time to chill on the porch and savor a beautiful peaceful evening around the fire table on our porch. Enjoy this sweet little time lapse sunset over our off grid homestead and be sure to subscribe please!!

Hello from Hermit’s Way!

I just finished this sweet little promo video for our YouTube channel. Take a look and be sure to subscribe please!!

Spend a Weekend at Our Off Grid Homestead

Join us for a weekend at or off grid property. Take a tour of our cabin, go on a glorious hike, geek out in our organic garden, learn how to make the best salad in the world, and witness the most epic tomato harvest ever. Enjoy some fantastic tunes along the way. Watch it; you’ll like it!