Hatching Chicken Eggs: Incubator Vs. Hen. Who Will Win??

We’ve got a broody hen! And Blue’s got eggs in the incubator. THE RACE IS ON! Tune in to see which one will win, in which we finally answer once and for all, the greatest question known to mankind… which comes first, the chicken (Mrs. Broody) or the egg (incubator)??? Don’t miss this one. It is very funny.

Hugelkultur (Natural Permaculture) Gardening for ZERO DOLLARS!

We are so excited to get our first garden going on the new homestead. This year we are trying Hugelkultur Gardening in raised garden beds. Our goal is to fill up all our beds for $0! Can we do it? We demonstrate the Hugelkultur Gardening method and of course add in some awesome music, lots of fun, and even a garden dance!

Burn It Down! Clearing Land with Controlled Burns

We’re gettin’ all fired up in this video! Celebrate with Blue and Craig as they burn the very last pile of wood in the field behind their cabin – the grand finale of their three year project to clear the tree landing zone on their property. Blue talks about land clearing using controlled burns and we interview Craig, the grand burnmaster himself. Watch to the end for a sneak peek reveal of our exciting new future plans for the off grid homestead.

Off Grid Water: Rain Collection & Berkey Filters

Everybody’s gotta have water! Off grid homesteaders can’t just turn on the tap like regular city folk. So whaddya supposed to do? Blue & Craig talk about water solutions for their off grid homestead using rainwater collection systems and Berkey Filters for drinking water. Bottoms up!

Off Grid Homestead & Cabin Tour

Blue & Craig give a tour of their off grid homestead and cabin and share how things work down on the ol’ homestead – including solar power, water collection, organic gardening, future plans, and more. Lots of toe tappin’ tunes along the way. Please subscribe for more off grid homestead adventures with Blue & Craig!

How to Make the Best Salad in the World in Four Easy Steps!

Step into the off-grid homestead kitchen as Blue shows us how to make the best salad in the world in four easy steps! Tune in for lots of tasty organic garden yumminess, a secret ingredient, and a little samba music too. It’s Blue and Craig approved!

Did Somebody Say Hunting? Getting Ready for Deer Season

Blue and Craig get ready for deer season 2020! Join us for some speed trail cutting, fox den discovery, and shoot some guns! Blue goes wabbit hunting (and gets one) and talks about the hunting life. As always there are some laughs, and loads of great tunes to get your toes tappin’ along the way. Come along for more off grid homestead adventures at the Hermitage!

Our Dry Compost Toilet & the Humanure Method

One of the biggest problems off gridders have to figure out is how to go to the bathroom. After some traumatizing experiences with a camp toilet, we decided to try a dry compost toilet and we love it. This how to video explains our dry compost toilet system and the humanure method. And since this is a video about POOP, I thought I’d better make it goofy and funny. Enjoy!

Control Burning Our Field

For the past three years since we bought our property we’ve battled the mess of a field behind our cabin. When this land was clearcut 15 years ago, loggers piled up unwanted wood in landing areas and a that’s what we look at through our back windows. Mountains of rotting wood have left the field unusable, inaccessible and full of snakes and other varmints. We have slowly whittled away at the wood over the past three years with controlled burns and sweat. This how-to video shows our most recent burn and also includes some great wildlife pics captured on our wildlife camera.